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Founded in 1968, Bugler Transport has established itself as a key player in every type of abnormal load transportation and logistics specialising in marine transport and wind turbine movements by road.


With a diverse fleet of specialist yacht and motor boat trailers, we can accommodate all aspects of marine transportation and all sizes of craft. For well over 40 years, we have transported to nearly every marina in the UK, Europe and beyond. We are relied on and entrusted for their boat movements by leading boat and yacht manufacturers as well as highly respected brokers in the industry.


Diversifying into wind turbine transportation in 2012, we have invested heavily in state of the art turbine blade trailers extending to a length of 60 metres to meet the growing needs of this ever expanding industry.
Bugler Transport can offer the kind of assurances you, the customer requires in terms of expertise, speed, price and dependability.

Trucks in sunset.

With three generations involved within the company, we now have experience, knowledge and new ideas ensuring that we are always moving forward. We pride ourselves in every aspect of the work we are contracted to do and strive to exceed your expectations.